Garage Nation Festival 2018 Main Stage MCs Announced

Bringing the atmosphere and creating the Garage Nation vibes that you all love we are especially excited to announce the MCs for Garage Nation Festival 2018 on Saturday 30th June.

The following Garage music icons will be performing on the showcase main stage at the exciting new location Hainault Forest Country Park.

B Live, MC Kie, Creed, Viper, PSG, MC DT, MC Versatile, Maxwell D, Mighty Moe, Bushkin, Neutrino, MC Neat, CKP, Preshus, Dappz, MC Vapour, Special MC, Sharky P, Kofi B, Hyperactive, Starky, Unknown, MC Ranking, Champagne Bublee, MC OJ, NSE, Onyx Stone, MC RB, Secret Agent, MC Stallion, Coldsteps, Ultra, Uno, Wicked.

Watch out for more line up announcements coming soon for the ultimate Garage music festival.